Docker — A Beginner’s Guide

  1. No pre-allocation of RAM. It will use the RAM of hardware as per the need and that too when you will allocate it to the container that’s why you can create as many containers as you want but in VMware you have to pre-allocate your RAM and have to create containers* as per the limitation of RAM only.
  2. It is less costly and light in weight. It can run on physical hardware, virtual hardware or even on cloud.
  3. It takes very less time to create the containers and also you can re-use the images**.
  4. C.I. Efficiency :- Docker enables you to build a container image and use that same image across every step of your deployment process.
  • * Containers :- It is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.
  • *Images :- It is basically a copy of a software, packages, operating systems, containers etc. It is used to save the time of developers and operational teams as suppose ops team want the same environment as of dev teams then, the dev team will create a copy(Image) of their environment and provide it to the ops team.
  1. To create an image using basic commands
  2. To create an image using Dockerfile
  1. It is not a good solution for application that requires rich GUI.
  2. It doesn’t provide a cross-platform compatibility.
  3. No solution for data recovery and backup if all the containers get deleted.
  4. Sometimes difficult to manage large amount of containers.

Workflow of Docker :-

Docker Volume :-

  1. Host and Container
  2. Container to Container

Benefits of using Volume :-

  1. Decoupling from Storage.
  2. Share volume among different containers
  3. Attach volume to containers
  4. On deleting containers, volume does not deletes

Ways of Creating a Volume :-

  1. Using Basic Commands
  2. Using Dockerfile

Steps of how to Port-Expose a container ??

  1. “Ultimate guide or brief of AWS(Amazon Web Services)”
  2. “Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador.”



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